Steam – Summer Sale 2017 Now Live

You read right, it’s that special time of year again: the Steam Summer Sale! Valve has opened the discount floodgates on Steam, reducing the prices of titles both big and small, old and new. Some titles have been marked down all the way into the single digits! ($2, for example) Since summer is usually pretty empty when it comes down to major game releases, chances are you may have been looking for something to play during these sweltering months unless you have a backlog to take care of. Well, check out titles you’ve had on your Wishlist for the past 100 years and see if they’re cheap enough for you to finally take the plunge!

I’ve already found a lot of titles that I want at some pretty great prices…..except I can’t buy any of them because I need money to keep the lights on and not starve. ‘Tis a pitiful existence. Oh well, for those of you who have a little more money to burn, hop on over to Steam and check out the sales!


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