Steam sale day 10

Happy Saturday everyone. Are you feeling Steam summer sale-y? It’s the last weekend before Valve packs up their holiday sale bags for Thanksgiving, so make the most of any game-cravings you have. There won’t be many more chances to save money. Unless you trawl around on Amazon or Green Man Gaming or GOG or …  man, it’s great to be a PC gamer these days.

There’s a bit of a crime and punishment theme with today’s daily sales (or there is in my head, anyway.)

  • Saint’s Row The Third puts you in control of the most purple gang there is, and for just $5.00 USD (mind you, it’s possible you grabbed this cheaper from THQ’s Humble Bundle or something.)
  • For a different breed of gangster, you might want to try Omerta at $10.00 USD. It’s from the Tropico 3/4 devs, but not really as good as those games. That said, a free patch came out recently that apparently addressed some of the concerns in my review. So it’s probably a bit better now.
  • Obviously you’ll need a getaway car, so why not hop in with Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed which achieves the incredible feat of being both a karting game and Sonic title and still being really good. Amazing!
  • None of this crime pays, of course. Which is why the Prison Architect alpha is here at $20.00 USD to bring you to justice.
  • There’s also Obsidian’s Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II for $3.40, which doesn’t really fit the theme (Jedis can solve and commit crimes too, I guess?) but there it is.

Iiiin the current Flash deals, Zeno Clash II should tempt some people at $10.00 USD. I didn’t fall as in love with it as I did the first, but it’s still absolutely worth playing. Strike Suit Zero wasn’t too bad either. That’s $3.00 USD today. Zero is the one with missions and stuff; Strike Suit Infinity was the fully arcade-centric one. But that’s not in the Flash sale right now.

Yesterday’s daily deals are back again. So if you intended to grab Monaco or Skyrim Legendary Edition or something and forgot, you have another chance.

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