Steam sale day 2

    Every player is different, but most of us like a bargain. Events like the Steam summer sale offer the chance to dip into games that you may have had some interest in, but not at full price. I’ll echo Tim’s advice from yesterday: “the usual way to deal with a Steam sale is to wait and see if the game you want turns up in a daily deal/flash sale/community choice, as those normally discount the games below their normal sale price.” Always keep that in mind.

    So, that said, let’s take a look at Day 2 of the sale and see what Gaben has to offer us. [Edit] Bizarrely, almost every single one of these prices changed since I wrote this (as you can see from the screengrab above.) It’s now updated! The good news is everything got cheaper.

    • FTL has 75% off, which makes it just $2.50 USD for this excellent spacecraft management title.
    • If you’re the one person who hasn’t picked the open-world destruct-o-thon that is Just Cause 2 yet, then now may be the time. It’s $3.00 USD.
    • Surgeon Simulator 2013 is tempting at just $3.40 USD. For a relatively new title, 66% off is quite nice. You can join the ranks of people uploading their failed surgery attempts to youtube. Like me!
    • If you like talking to people, moral dilemmas and crying, then all five episodes of Telltale’s The Walking Dead for $6.25 USD should be of interest as well. Note: it doesn’t include the new 400 Days mini-DLC.

    In the current set of Flash Sales, Legend of Grimrock looks good at $3.75 USD. XCOM is a great game, so $10.00 USD is a bit of a steal there.

    As is Steam’s way, the best of the deals from yesterday have made a return today. So if you missed out on Hotline Miami for $2.50 USD, you have another chance to rectify that grievous error.

    Peter Parrish

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