Steam sale day 3

A little later than usual, thanks to some sunny weather and a relatively free weekend, here’s a set of offers from Day Three of Steam’s summer sale that the IncGamers team thinks may well be worth a look. Just our opinion of course. Don’t get mad if you buy something suggested here and it turns out you hate it. Remember: if there’s something that you’re looking out for in particular, try to wait for it to show up as a daily/flash/user vote deal. Chances are, it’ll be cheaper than the ‘regular’ sale price.

So, on this warm and lazy Saturday, what does Uncle Gabe have to offer?

  • The banner offer today is Tomb Raider for $12.50 USD, which (based on Tim’s review) sounds pretty attractive. Keep in mind that the game comes free with certain AMD graphics cards, so if you’re planning to buy one of those in the near future you might not even have to pay anything. The title may have been as low as $10.00 USD elsewhere, but that could be Hitman: Absolution I’m thinking of. Square and their PC offers, eh?
  • The Witcher 2 goes on sale semi-regularly over at GOG, but if you haven’t picked it up from them before now then it’s probably not going to go cheaper than today’s $5.00 USD.
  • Supposing you missed out on the previous Greenmangaming Borderlands 2 sale, you can pick up the main game today at Steam for a shade over $10.00 USD and the DLC-heavy ‘season pass’ for the same price.
  • As I write this, the current flash deals only have about an hour left on them, but Blood Bowl Chaos Edition for $7.50 USD is pretty good if you have a bunch of other people willing to play in a league with you. Chaos Edition is the latest version, and probably the last before Blood Bowl 2 comes out (whenever that will be.)

Yesterday’s major deals are also still around for another 17 hours or so.

If you do opt to purchase something, make sure you actually, really, definitely have the time to play it and aren’t just going to horde it in your Steam library for eternity. That would be silly, and wouldn’t save you any money at all.

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