Steam sale day 4

Hello, hello. Here we are for Day Four of Steam’s sizzling summer sale. It took me four days to crack and buy something. I got System Shock 2 in a $2.50 USD community choice thingie so I have a modern version that actually works without hassles. Hooray for me. But enough about my squandering literally dollars on a game from the 1990s, what’s out there for you today?

  • Do you like Obsidian RPGs? Have you not got Fallout: New Vegas yet? Might be nice to pick it up for $2.50 USD, then. Here’s my advice though; get the Ultimate Edition which is also marked down by 75%. It’s another couple of dollars, but it includes four excellent DLC add-ons. All of which are huge, naturally.
  • Portal 2 has been on sale twenty million times, but it’s $5.00 USD again and really is a great game, you know?
  • For a spot of co-op jollification, you could do worse than Sanctum 2 for $7.50 USD. It was only released a couple of months back, and Tim mostly liked it.
  • Like me, you might have been intrigued by French-em-up title Remember Me, but too scared to take a risk on it at full price. It’s down to $30.00 USD today, if that changes your mind at all. Critically, it didn’t do amazingly well, but it sounds like one of those games that will wow you if you get invested in its design and story.

The current Flash sales are Impire (a bad game,) an NBA2K title I know nothing about (could be good!,) Doom 3 BFG Edition which I’d struggle to care about and 70% off Ace Combat Assault Horizon. Maybe wait eight hours for some different ones, eh?

Or just save your money. There’s a long way to go before 22 July, and many more cheap games to seduce you.

The Skullgirls PC version will be here in August

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