Steam sale day 7

Hello! Dark Souls is on Steam for $7.50 USD in the summer sale today. You should totally buy that, ON TWO CONDITIONS. (1) You own a compatible gamepad (preferably just a 360 one) or are prepared to struggle a bit with mouse/keys and (2) You’re familiar enough with PCs to be able to download and apply the super-easy DSFix mod. Oh wait, I forgot (3) You’re not one of those hilarious contrarian spods who thinks maybe Dark Souls, like, isn’t all that great, man. You’re wrong. It is. Science has objectively proven it.

But fine, ok, opinions and all that. Maybe Dark Souls isn’t for you (it is.) Some of this other stuff could be of interest instead:

  • Mount & Blade: Warband is the current, definitive Mount & Blade (until the sequel appears,) so $5.00 USD for that isn’t half bad. If you like very open RPGs, horse riding and modding, that is.
  • For about the fifteenth time this month, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is available for the change you found down the back of your sofa (or $3.00 USD, anyway.)
  • Tropico 4 was basically Tropico 3 but a bit better. So if you’ve never owned either of them the ‘Steam Special Edition’ for $6.00 USD is probably a reasonable deal. It’s kind of likeĀ a SimCity game except you’re on an island and you’re a dictator and it’s the Cold War. But even more brilliant than that sounds.
  • Rockstar are still being dicks about whether to reveal a PC version of GTA V, but you can pick up GTA IV for $5.00 USD at least.
  • Dark Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls.

In the present set of Flash deals (ending in six hours or so,) Gunpoint looks nifty at $6.00 USD. It’s an immersive breaking-into-buildings-and-stealing-stuff-in-2D sim, I … think. Or, if you just want to mess about with Lego Frodo, go for LEGO Lord of the Rings at $7.50 USD.

Like always, the best of yesterday’s rather good deals are back for another day.

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