Steam sale day 9

    Welcome to Day 9 of Steam’s summer sale. How’s your disposable income holding up? Ok? Excellent. Just a couple more days to go until you can relax and worry about accidentally spending your money on something else. Today, there are almost the correct combination of games to make a Trains, Planes and Automobiles reference. But I can’t see any planes, so it’ll just have to be Trains, Bikes and Automobiles instead. Oh, and dragons.

    Dragons, you say? Oh yes.

    • Skyrim’s ‘Legendary Edition,’ featuring all the DLC is 40% off today at $36.00 USD. That’s quite a lot of fantasy roleplaying you’re getting for that price. I mean, sure, you could wait a couple more years until it’s as cheap as the New Vegas DLC-edition is, but it’s not exactly expensive right now.
    • If top-down stealing sounds like a fun thing to be doing (and it should, based on Tim’s review,) Monaco should be under serious consideration at $7.50 USD. Here’s what happened when we played it in co-op.
    • I mentioned trains earlier, and here they are; Train Simulator 2013 for just $11.00 USD. Think how many trains that simulates. A lot, let me tell you.
    • No planes, but the bikes in question belong to Trials Evolution Gold which is revving up at $10.00 USD. If you can put up with it attaching itself to Uplay, that is.
    • And the automobiles? That’d be Grid 2 for $30.00 USD. Not a huge reduction, but it is a pretty new game. Here’s our review.
    • Civilization V probably has all of the vehicle technology in it if you research it properly. That’s down to $7.50 USD for the base game.
    • Actually, you know what, most of the Daily Deals are good today. Metro Last Light is $30.00 USD!

    As if to make up for it, the Flash deals have put the execrable Star Trek up for $5.00 USD. It’s not worth it, even at that price. Portal 2 might be for $5.00 USD, though. If you somehow don’t own a copy already.

    Yesterday’s deals are back for another whirl too.

    Peter Parrish

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