As prophesied by PayPal, the Steam summer sale has launched today with a sticker book theme. Looks like everybody will have a virtual tome of summer scenes to fill in with collectible stickers, which may cause harrowing flashbacks for any Panini obsessives.

Stickers will drop whenever you perform various “quests” like checking the Steam discovery queue, or reviewing your Steam preferences. In other words, it’s Valve’s traditional mini-bribe to encourage people to actually engage with their store systems. Completing a task earns you a sticker pack, which will contain three stickers.

The sale runs from 22 June (obviously) to 5 July, and there will be chances to get more stickers on every one of those days. According to the FAQ though, you can’t miss quests. They’ll stick around until the end of the sale, so they can be completed in return for stickers at any point up to that July finale.

Doesn’t look like you can trade the stickers on the Steam market. There are a separate set of summer sale event trading cards, though.

In terms of the sale itself, Valve are sticking (ho ho) to the system they’ve used for the last couple of years. The discounts you see today will remain the same across the length of the Steam sale. No daily deals or flash sales as far as I can see. As usual, the store is struggling a bit at the moment and the sale prices haven’t quite settled down.

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