Steam Summer Sale’s encore deals begin

Steam Summer Sale’s encore deals begin

Ladies and gentlemen, the Steam sale is closing. You have 45 hours to head to the checkout and make any final purchases before prices revert to normal.

99 of the biggest games and franchises that have previously been on sale on Steam are currently on sale again, so if you missed anything or meant to pick something up but ran out of time, now’s your chance. Whether you’re after Batman or Borderlands; Watch Dogs or Wolfenstein or The Witcher; Aliens or Age of Wonders; Tomb Raider or Total War… they’re all on sale again.

This also serves as the warning klaxon that you don’t need to keep hanging around waiting for more daily deals, because there aren’t any more. If there’s something you want to buy in the sale, you no longer have to hold off just in case a daily deal drops it a further 20% or something. With the start of this encore sale, the daily deals are done.

The Encore Deals (and general Steam Summer Sale) will last until 6pm UK time on Monday, which is about 45 hours from the time of writing. That’s your time limit for any last-minute Steam-y goodness.

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