Steam: The Last Remnant, Kalypso Games Cheap

Steam deals this weak feature plenty of games from Kalypso as well as a Square Enix title.Square-Enix’s The Last Remnant, focusing on mysterious artifacts called – you guessed it – Remnants, is 75% off, while every Kalypso Media game on Steam is reduced by between 25-50%.The Kalypso Media games include the recent Tropico 3 at £22.49 GBP in addition to a pair of Broken Sword titles for £2.99 GBP each, and a load of other titles from Grand Ages: Rome and Dawn of Magic 2 through to a £10.04 GBP set containing Darkstar One, Patrician III, and The Great Art Race.It’s worth taking a look to see if anything piques your interest, but you’ll have to hurry. The Last Remnant – apparently much improved, for PC – is only at the bargain price of £7.49 GBP until tomorrow as it’s part of Steam’s regular Midweek Madness sale, while the Kalypso sale will end on Friday.