Steam Top Sellers 1 April – Finally a new No.1 as Far Cry 5 Dominates

Steam Top Sellers 1 April – Finally a new No.1 as Far Cry 5 Dominates

Welcome back to the Steam Top Sellers, the April Fools day edition. Massive news this week. For the first time in a year, almost to the day, PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds has been bumped from the top of the chart.

This week Ubisoft has managed to knock PUBG from the top with Far Cry 5. This is great news for UbiSoft, no other game has managed to take the top spot for a whole year and there are over half a million copies of Far Cry 5 purchased according to Steam Spy’s figures. These numbers don’t include UPlay purchases so the number will be much higher.

PUBG has slipped into second with different editions of Far Cry 5 also taking third, fourth, fifth, eighth, ninth, and tenth spots in the chart. The only other games to make the top ten this week are PixARK, CS:GO and GTA V.

This is not an April Fools, PUBG has actually lost that top spot. We’ll have to wait and see if Far Cry 5 or something else can keep it off the top next week.

Steam Top Sellers 1 April

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