Steam Top Sellers week ending 25 March

Steam Top Sellers week ending 25 March

It’s the final Steam Top Sellers for March 2018 and once again PUBG sits firmly at the top and there’s still no shifting it. As that’s a given, let’s see how the other games have been shuffling around the top ten.

Warhammer Vermintide 2 is still selling very well but the notable drop-out this week is Surviving Mars which has vanished from the top ten. However, GTA V has reentered the top ten after it’s slump last week.

Far Cry 5 is almost ready for release and pre-orders have pushed it up the ranking to fourth and sixth this week. Assassin’s Creed Origins has also managed to grab two places making it a good week for Ubisoft.

Ni no Kuni II has just released and it has managed a top ten place with Final Fantasy XV dropping slowly but surely slipping down the rankings.

Next week we are likely to see Far Cry 5 move into the second spot and the rest is guesswork apart from PUBG.  Here’s how it looks…

Steam Top Sellers

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