Steam Top Sellers week ending 29 April

Steam Top Sellers week ending 29 April

No change at the very top of the Steam Top Sellers this week which is no huge surprise but there’s been a bit of a battle for second and third place.

This week  we know that 11-Bit Studios city management sim Frostpunk shifted more than 250,000 copies in 66 hours. This means that Harebrained Schemes’ Mech stomper BATTLETECH has likely sold less. Frostpunk as beat out BATTLETECH and taken second place in this week’s chart but BATTLETECH also holds two spots so it could be close.

The rest of the chart is pretty much the same this week with the exception of Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia which is sitting in tenth. With the game releasing next week on 3 May, we can expect it to climb next week.

Steam Top Sellers

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      You put Battletech twice, at number 3 and 6.