Steam Top Sellers week ending 8 April

Steam Top Sellers week ending 8 April

After Far Cry 5 managed to topple PUBG from the top spot last week after a whole year of being at number one, this week order in the world has been restored and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds returns to the top.

Far Cry 5 is still strong in this week’s top ten holding three spots at two, three, and five. It’s a good week for VR as the Bethesda manages to come in fourth with Skyrim VR showing that gamers are prepared to shell out for it again solely for the VR experience.

PixARK moved up two places this week along with GTA V and Vermintide 2 has moved back into the top ten landing in eighth position. The Long Dark also manages to slip into the chart propping it up in tenth.

Most of the changes this week are due to less Far Cry 5 sales as it vacates three of the six spots it grabbed last week.

Steam Top Sellers

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