Steam Sale gabe blasphemy

I will never tire of this image.

It’s sequel day in the Steam Winter Sale, with no less than six of the thirteen Daily and Flash entries sporting a “2” in the title. I guess you could make a decent argument about Fallout: New Vegas being a “part two” to Fallout 3 as well.

Are there people who don’t own New Vegas yet? The $2.50 USD price for the main game is pretty crazy, but it’s probably worth pushing the wallet a little further for the (66% off) $6.80 Ultimate Edition. That way, you get about another 20-30 hours-worth of DLC expansions to mess around with.

Of all the 2’s on offer today, I’d go for Euro Truck Simulator 2 ($6.25) if you have some podcasts or albums to catch up on, and maybe Mass Effect 2 ($5.00) if you really haven’t played Commander Shepard’s Sexual Harassment Exploits in Space yet. Prototype 2 I’ve never played, but looks good if you enjoy smashing things up with weird, bio-engineered powers (that one is $10.00.)

There’s also the usual selection of repeat deals from yesterday to comb through, in case you missed those.

Steam Savings Strategy: If you want a specific game, wait for it to be on sale through the Daily, Flash or Community deals. These ones take off the most money. Everything else will be discounted at the standard sale price until 10am Pacific on 3 January, so if your game of choice never shows up cheaper you can still grab it at the basic discount before that time/date.

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