Steam Winter Sale Day 12 – Some IncGamers Picks

Wolfenstein The New Order - 31

Day 12 of the Steam Winter Sale, everyone! We’re nearly there! Our wallets are nearly safe again!

Peter will doubtless stab me if I don’t recommend Battleblock Theater at 90% off, so there’s that, and I really quite enjoyed Splinter Cell: Blacklist so I’d say that’s worth a punt at 75% off.

The Stanley Parable and Don’t Starve are also both a bit special if you want a hilarious take on player agency or a top-down survival game, and at 70% off and 75% off they’re pretty easy to recommend. Wolfenstein: The New Order is also rather good, so if you fancy a shooter, 66% off might be enough to tempt you.

Construction Simulator 2015 and Farming Simulator 2015 are also both in this sale at 30% off and 33% off, respectively, but… well, that’s not cheap enough for me to attempt either. So yeah, not touching that one.

One last personal recommendation would be for Shadowgate in the 12-hour deals. It’s a beautiful remake of the sadistic old-school adventure, and at 75% off, I’d recommend it to basically anyone with even a vague interest in it.

Yesterday’s Steam Winter Sale deals are all still active for another 24 hours, as ever.

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