Steam Winter Sale Day 14 – The IncGamers Picks

Steam Winter Sale Day 14 – The IncGamers Picks

steam winter sale

We’re now two weeks into the Steam Winter Sale and hopefully you’ve all managed to pick up some great bargains so far. With only a couple of days left of the sale there are a few more bits and pieces you should check out before it winds down.

The Walking Dead Season 2 is now down 25% at £14.24, and although it’s too early to say how the whole season will pan out, we liked what we’ve seen of it so far. Civilization V is down 75% at a tiny £4.99 and it’s a must-have title for strategy fans and anyone who likes getting completely lost in a Civ game. Finally from the main sale, Just Cause 2 is down to £1.99 with 80% off and it’s worth picking up if you’ve not got it already.

As far as the Flash Sales go then there are two titles we think you should pick up. Rayman Legends which is a firm favourite here and it’s down to £12.49 with 50% off. The other game you should get is Legend of Grimock which is great if you want to relive those classic days of Dungeon Master. That’s down at £2.39 with 80% off so you can’t go wrong there.

Only two more days left to choose wisely, if you have any money left of course.

Steam Suggestion Corner: Only a couple of days remain in the Steam sale, but it’s still the smart choice to wait for specific games to appear in the Daily, Community or Flash deals. If they don’t, only then should you consider the general sale price. From what I can gather, the last Daily deals will go up on 2 January at 10am Pacific Time.

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