europa universalis 4 art of war

Oh sure, it LOOKS complicated and … well, okay, it is.

‘Tis the last weekend before Christmas, and all around Steam, the prices are falling, many codes to redeem. The third day of the Steam Winter Sale is here, complete with a new round of reductions on popular titles.

I’m obviously going to give some love to Europa Universalis IV, the grandest of grand strategy games at 75% off. If you think you’d enjoy scheming and realpolitiking your way through 15th Century Europe (or Asia, or whatever) then at least consider it. Paradox has made the series a little bit friendlier for IV, so it’s not quite so bemusing. Still requires a bit of time investment to get familiar with it, though.

If you’ve never ever played any version of The Binding of Isaac, then Rebirth at 33% off is quite nice too. I’m sure I’ve heard Tim say nice things about Rise of Nations – so while I don’t know much about this “Extended Edition,” that could be worth at look at 75% cheaper than usual.

None of us got around to playing The Vanishing of Ethan Carter because we were all busy looking at other games, but it … looked interesting. That’s not a massively solid recommendation though, so don’t take it as one.

All of yesterday’s deals are still ongoing for another 24 hours or so too.

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