Steam Sale gabe blasphemy

Merry Gabemas.

Welcome to Christmas Eve, a day dedicated to waiting for Christmas to happen. Or going to church, I guess, if that’s your thing. My thing is writing about the Steam Winter Sale, so I shall continue to do so. I’m actually just stalling for time here because the prices are doing that early morning thing where they haven’t settled down properly yet.

Okay! They seem fine now. Here’s what IncGamers can recommend today.

First of all you should get RPG Maker VX for $17.50 USD, because I’m fairly sure the early version of Barkley, Shut Up & Jam: Gaiden was designed on a similar bit of software. If you can make a game anywhere close to B,SU&J:G then it is your destiny to create videogames. Embrace it.

Game-wise, you should probably consider the open-world zombie survival challenge of State of Decay ($10.00.) The new Breakdown DLC doesn’t seem to be on sale, but you could still grab both for $17.00. Tim will probably complain if I don’t mention Rocksmith 2014 (33% off at $40.00); remember that you might need a mystical magical ‘Ubisoft Real Tone’ guitar adapter to play it. And also some talent.

As ever, I’m liking the look of cheap Surgeon Simulator 2013 ($2.50) and I guess Dishonored for $7.50 in the current Flash deals is a possibility. The thing with Dishonored is that the Daud-based DLC is really good, so you might to take a look at the Game of the Year Edition at 66% off instead ($13.75.) Definitely worth those few extra dollars.

Remember: Daily and Flash (and Community Vote) deals will take the most money off games. If you have something specific you want to buy, wait to see if it shows up in any of those. If not, just buy it for the ‘general’ sale price before the offers end on 3 January.

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