Steam Winter Sale is now Live until January

Steam Winter Sale is now Live until January

Get those wallets open because the Steam Winter sale is now live and kicking.

As usual, there’s a load to sift through but there are discounts on games such as Rainbow Six Siege with 40% off, Hellbalde with 25% off, Elite Dangerous is down as low as £4.99, Shadow of War has 30% off, Cuphead has 15% off, Planet Coaster is down by 70%, and loads more I don’t care to list. You can check our Curator page to see our discounted recommendations.

The bottom line is if there’s a game you’ve been wanting then seek it out and see if it’s been given a price drop. You can always edit your Steam preferences and filter the stuff out you’re not interested in.

The Steam website is being hammered so it’s a little slow at the moment but stick with it. The sale ends on 4 January 2018 at 6PM GMT so there’s plenty of time to pick and choose.


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