SteamOS 3.2 Beta adds OS-controlled fan curve and more experimental features

SteamOS Beta 3.2

The SteamOS 3.2 Beta is now available for Steam Deck users. This update contains features that are still in testing, such as an OS-controlled fan curve, experimental support for changing the in-game refresh rate, and more. As these are experimental features, users will need to opt-in through the system settings on the Steam Deck.

Since the release of the Steam Deck back in February, Valve has been quick to add new features through various updates. The most recent update added a lock screen and improved the handheld system’s battery life. Fairly major features are still being added to the Steam Deck two months after its launch, and it’s likely we’ll see many more come to the Steam Deck in the near future.


No more noisy fans

The SteamOS 3.2 Beta contains a much smaller list of features, but they’re pretty cool nonetheless. The first to cover is the new OS-controlled fan curve. This is specifically designed to make the system run quieter in low usage scenarios. In the past, some users complained that the Steam Deck would get a little noisy, particularly when running an intensive title. The OS-controlled fan curve should help to a certain extent, though graphically intensive titles will still push the system.

Experimental support for changing the in-game screen refresh rate also comes with the SteamOS 3.2 Beta. You can access this through a slider in the Quick Access Menu where you can choose between 40Hz and 60Hz. Lowering the refresh rate will improve performance in some titles. The framerate limit slider’s values will also change to sync up with the selected refresh rate in 1:1, 1:2, and 1:4 ratios.

SteamOS Beta 3.2

(Image credit: Valve)

The final experimental feature is support for automatically bringing up the Steam keyboard in Desktop mode. This will only occur in some instances, but it’s easy to imagine it would get annoying. Hopefully, Valve will also offer a way to disable this feature when it comes out of Beta. Beyond that, two more new fixes include solving the OS fan control not resuming after waking the device up and aan issue with typing the ‘€’ symbol.

Valve’s continued support of the Steam Deck is great to see. The SteamOS 3.2 Beta brings a small but impactful range of features to the system. The OS-controlled fan curve is a particularly nice addition and should make using the system a more pleasant experience.

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