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Your BAFTA 2014 “Original Music” winner, BioShock Infinite.

Earlier today, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTAs) gave some awards to various games. Delightful news for all the luvvies and darlings, as well as a nice recognition that games are actually worth giving proper awards to these days. Never one to pass up the opportunity for a sale, Steam are getting in on the BAFTA action too.

There’s money off a decent selection of BAFTA nominated (and some BAFTA winning) titles over at Valve’s digital house of fun for a 24 hour period.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, winner of the “Game Innovation in 2014” award is $5.00 USD today (I realise these prices should probably be in pounds since it’s the BAFTAs, but I’m in Americaland so Steam shows them to me in dollars.) “Original Music Winner in 2014” BioShock Infinite is $7.50 USD, and “Debut Game in 2014” winner Gome Home is $8.00 USD.

Papers, Please snagged the “Strategy and Simulation in 2014” award and is $5.00 USD as a result.

Some of the nominees are well worth a look too though. You can get Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag for $36.00 USD, or The Stanley Parable for $9.00 USD, or maybe Gunpoint for $5.00 USD.

In fact the only rubbish game among them is probably NBA 2K14. The PC version of that game is missing the engine of its console counterpart and is quite gutted as a result.

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