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You play one visual novel about dating pigeons and look what happens.

This update may only apply to the opt-in beta version of Steam for now, but it’ll no doubt roll out for the ‘main’ version in due course. Steam has altered its storefront to include a few new ways to spend money on games you’ll never play explore the wonderful world of PC games.

They’re dubbed it Steam discovery and you can read a whole page of text about it over here. Or, just load up Steam, check for updates, and have a look at it yourself. As mentioned, you might need to opt in to the beta. I’m not sure.

Basically, it seems like they’re doing the old Amazon “people who liked this, also liked this” algorithm trick. Since I’ve most recently been playing Hatoful Boyfriend, Rome 2 and Endless Legend, my store page is currently filled with a mixture of anime-themed visual novels and strategy games. Just the way I like it, Steam! How did you know?

Like Netflix, you can somewhat filter the results by indicating things you aren’t interested in or already bought. It’s also possible to customise each area of the storefront to some degree by telling it what you’d like to see (or not see,) be that “Top Sellers” or “DLC for games you already own” or whatever.

In addition to all that you can follow (or sign up to become) Steam curators. These are individuals or groups who fancy themselves as experts and tastemakers, picking through Steam to find the best titles. Since anybody can sign up to be one, you’ll probably be wanting to find some people you can trust or whose tastes somewhat match your own.

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