No games up here chaps, just a lack of oxygen.

The annual Thanksgiving Steam sale is under way, laying out a delicious table spread of PC gaming bargains for people to eat. Uh, for people to buy. Got a bit carried away with the food metaphor, there.

This year it’s called the ‘Exploration Sale,’ and seems to have a sort of mountain climbing theme. Offers will be running from today until 2 December at 10am Pacific time (6pm UK.) There doesn’t seem to be one of Valve’s little meta-games to go along with this one, but that’s usually a Summer/Winter sale thing I think. Instead you’ve just got a blue-hued recommendation page.

Mine says I should buy Velvet Assassin. No thanks, Steam. No thanks.

Anyway! Today there are some quite good offers on games that came out pretty recently. As in, barely a month ago. You can get Lords of the Fallen for $30.00 (already 40% off) or The Evil Within for $21.00 (66% off – and it can run at 1080p/60fps now) Civilization: Beyond Earth has money off too; making it $35.00.

Other ‘Featured Deals’ (which apparently will last for 48 hours) include Company of Heroes 2 at $10.00, and a half price Watch Dogs at $30.00. Though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that because Tim found it pretty boring.

Instead, Tim says he would recommend the “fabulous” Crypt of the Necrodancer, which is 40% off for today making it $9.00. If you like jumping and sinister cats and jokes, then Battleblock Theater for $1.50 is pretty hard to beat. You’ll probably make a third of that back in trading card sales. The Wolfmongus Wolf Among Us is pretty cheap today as well, with 66% off ($8.50).

These are all US regional prices of course, your region may well vary.

As usual with Steam sales, if you have a particular game in mind to buy, it’s probably best to wait for a 48/24 hour deal. Those ones take the most money off.

Steam Exploration Sale Kicks-off From November 26th – December 2nd

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