June 22nd, 2017

Steel Storm: AMMO gets shooter in your MOBA on Steam Early Access

steel storm ammo

Zeolite Studios have pushed Steel Storm: A.M.M.O. – Armored Mechanized Mobile Operations onto Steam Early Access. And no, I’m never using that acronym again.

Set in the same universe as Steel Storm: Burning Retribution, Steel Storm: AMMO puts you into the floating treads of a hovertank and has you partake in fairly typical MOBA activities. You’ll have to escort your troops, blow up turrets, and take on other players in their own hovertanks.

This differs from the standard MOBA in that you control your hovertank directly, as with a top-down shooter, which should hopefully make this a slightly more unique experience. It looks to be using roughly the same control and shooting mechanics as Burning Retribution, so the team certainly have experience with that sort of thing. Steel Storm: AMMO apparently now has an “updated Japanese anime-inspired sci-fi world,” so it’ll hopefully also look a bit different to most MOBAs.

I’m going to be brutally honest, though: the screenshots on display look rather shaky, graphically speaking. Considering how Burning Retribution looked, I’m hoping that’s just because this is an early build.

You can pick up a key right now for £6.99.