Steelrising delayed

It looks like Steelrising has been delayed for a few months. Previously, the game was set to release in June, but it’ll now see a September 8 release. News like this is always disappointing to hear, but the extra time could be what the game needs in the long run. After all, the upcoming Souls-like from developer Spiders is shaping up to be an impressive title. It’s also the closest we’ll get to having Bloodborne on PC, kind of.

The delay isn’t all the news we have, though, since this announcement also came alongside a brand-new gameplay trailer. It’s worth noting that we’ve actually seen surprisingly little of the game so far, apart from a few short clips here and there and CG trailers at events like The Game Awards. Granted, an alpha version of the game was available to those that signed up. But there’s still plenty of Steelrising that we’ve yet to see.


Steampunk brawls in 18th century Paris

The latest trailer for Steelrising takes the sting out of its delay a tiny bit. It shows off more of the robot-busting action we’ve seen before. However, the most interesting part of the trailer is that it’s a mostly unedited showcase of its gameplay. If you’ve played any sort of Souls-like, then you’ll know what to expect. But to cover all bases, the aim of the game is to explore the city of Paris while defeating robots along the way. Toss in a few tense boss fights and a vaguely spooky aesthetic and that’s the general loop of the game.

Steelrising delayed

Steelrising doesn’t look like a run-of-the-mill title in this sub-genre though. In fact, aspects of the combat system look like they’ll take things in an interesting direction. For example, the player can jump and perform aerial combos to try and evade attacks while dealing damage. And, since this is a steampunk interpretation of Paris, the weapons you’ll use fit in with the setting. These include razor-sharp fans, an extendable shield musket, and various throwable items.

It’s important to remember that this trailer is depicting early footage of Steelrising. As such, there are a few technical problems that seem to affect the game. A low frame rate, stuttering, and awkward-looking animations make aspects of the trailer a bit rough. However, this is early footage, so hopefully, the delay can help Steelrising iron out some of these things. The wait is a bit longer now, but September 8 is the new big day for Steelrising.

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