The much meatier ‘Heinlein’ 1.3 patch for Stellaris is still upcoming, but in the mean time Paradox have pushed out another hotfix for some lingering issues. Your game should automatically update to version 1.2.5 today. Give Steam a restart if it hasn’t done so yet.

This smaller patch primarily addresses some specific issues with the AI. New cases of the AI not ending a war at 100% war-score, and spamming open/closed border demands, are said to be sorted out. Players should also no longer see sector AI building just one lone research type.

In addition, Paradox say they’ve found and fixed a couple more examples of Stellaris crashing to desktop. Here’s the full changelog for 1.2.5.

* Fixed another case of wars at 100% warscore not being ended by the AI
* Fixed another case of AI open/close borders spam
* Fixed an issue where sector AI would build research of only one type due to a math error.
* Fixed AI inviting players to wars they should have no interest in.
* AI will no longer prioritize working food tiles on planets with only robots.

* Added 2 more plantoid namelists.

* Fixed bug where multiple special projects were being researched at the same time.
* Special projects with time cost no longer use stored resources.
* Fixed a couple of CTDs.

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