The next major patch for Stellaris, taking the game to version 1.2, has been released today. This is the ‘Asimov’ update that Paradox have been talking about for a while now.

Quite a few things have been added and changed with this update, including border options, more war goals, expanded diplomacy, improved fleet combat, and new skyboxes. You can read about the many and various alterations in Paradox’s trio of Developer Diaries released up to this point.

If you’d rather just have the summary of what’s new to Stellaris in Asimov, have a look at the truncated changelog below. The full set of notes can be read here.

  • Access through empires’ borders now open until closed by diplomatic actions.
  • Colonizing planets and building outposts now costs influence.
  • Embassies replaced by building long-term relationships with other empires via trustworthy actions.
  • Diplomacy interface includes additional actions and options – and diplomatic incidents.
  • New possible goals for warfare.
  • Battles are clearer and have improved appearances.
  • New ways to view maps with a variety of data shown.
  • New nomadic fleets and varied population factions.

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