Stellaris will be getting a free update (1.8 Capek) tomorrow, alongside the release of paid DLC Synthetic Dawn. If you’re a Stellaris player you probably expected this, as it always happens with significant a DLC release.

    The free mechanics are summarised in a helpful image (see below, click for larger version). They include a threat from a dormant AI known as ‘The Contingency’, the ability to improve your synthetic workforce through robo-modifications, and new traditions for Hive Minds, Devouring Swarms, and Fanatical Purifiers. Also, awakened Fallen Empires will now be able to fall into decadence, where I guess they get distracted by weed and anime instead of gearing up for conquest.

    1.8 Capek will bring new achievements, set-up options for galaxies, policies, civics, and a whole lot more. You can read the full patch notes, and find more details about the free additions in this Developer Diary from last week.

    Peter Parrish

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