As those who follow the game probably know by now, Stellaris will be getting a ‘story pack’ DLC called Leviathans some time this Autumn. The latest developer diary on the subject gets stuck in to the titular creatures (also dubbed Guardians).

While not every single one of these creatures is a gigantic space being, they are all said to have “immense power”. Some might jealously guard territory, and others may simply be unleashed by poking your exploratory nose into places it’s not meant to go. The number of Guardian/Leviathans lurking about in your Stellaris game will depending on how large you set the starting galaxy. A tiny galaxy will have one or two, while a huge one could contain every type of Guardian.

They’re intended to be “a serious challenge for a mid-game empire”, so the rewards for defeating (or sometimes helping) them are unlikely to be available until some way into each campaign. The dev diary then goes on to write about three specific Guardians, so if you’d like everything to remain a mystery now would be a good time to stop reading. Our headline kind of already gave away this first one, though.

The jealous Space Dragon will guard its mineral hoard, and largely just wants to be left alone. Manage to defeat it, however, and those mineral riches and other technological artifacts could be yours.

Elsewhere in space, The Infinity Machine awaits. A perfect, unmoving sphere, this Machine does not communicate. Perhaps there’s a way to initiate dialogue. Or maybe you should just launch your fleet at it.

Finally, the Stellarite. An enigmatic creature that lives inside stars.

Next week’s developer diary promises to return to the free updates coming in the Heinlein patch.

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