Stellaris game director Henrik Fåhraeus has told PC Invasion that a Civilization-style “historical playback” at the end of the game is a feature he’d like to explore. Though the game won’t ship with this, Fåhraeus seems keen to look into whether this could be implemented at a later date.

“Unfortunately there’s no historical playback,” he tells us, in an interview to be published on PC Invasion tomorrow. “That is a feature that a lot of people have requested and I would personally love to have it. We actually had some interns coming in to do that for [Crusader Kings 2] which turned out pretty well, so it’s definitely an idea I’d like to explore in the future.”

Stellaris will have various, unspecified victory conditions, but unlike other Paradox-developed grand strategy games there will be no end-game time limit.

“We don’t have an end date, because the future is infinite in a way. You can win through different ways and if you want to band up with other races then you’ll get a joint victory with other members,” Fåhraeus says.

“In our games, [the end game screen] is usually an afterthought,” he acknowledges. “It’s like, ‘oh… yeah. The game probably ends at some point as well. Well, how about that?’ Because we’re really into making these open-ended sandboxy type experiences. It’s about playing, not about winning really.”

Look out for the full interview (audio and text) on PC Invasion, tomorrow.

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