Stellaris patch 1.0.1 released – Stuttering issues resolved


Now that Stellaris has sold by the truckload, Paradox is getting down to business and patching the game.

The first update to arrive is a 1.0.1 patch hotfix which addresses a few known issues such as fleets getting stuck to use wormholes and the obligatory performance upgrades that come after a release including a fix for the stuttering problem.

According to Paradox a second hotfix is also in the works to address more bugs and stability problems and a more substantial patch is the works but there’s no release date for that as yet

Stellaris patch 1.0.1

  • Fixed CTD when showing tooltip for an ambient object that gets destroyed
  • Fixed CTD when an ambient object gets destroyed while selected
  • Fixed fleets getting stuck trying to use wormhole stations belonging to other empires
  • Improved performance issues and fixed issues with stuttering in early game
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