Stellaris will be dabbling with some cosmic horror tales this Autumn with the release of Leviathans, the first ‘story pack’ DLC for Paradox’s space strategy title. This is the DLC Paradox have alluded to at times in their Heinlein developer diaries.

Leviathans will be adding “Powerful space entities with mysterious origins and motives” called Guardians, who can lead your space-faring nation to great treasures (or, you know, the ever-hungering maw of an eldritch nightmare). Sunless Sea writer Alexis Kennedy has been doing work for Paradox recently, so it’s highly likely that this is the stuff he’s been working on.

This DLC will also introduce Enclaves of traders and artisans who’ll be able to trade you information, or even create a great work of art for your amazing empire. Leviathans brings a new mechanic for Stellaris’ Fallen Empires too; the War in Heaven (in which a pair of Fallen Empires can awaken and renew old grievances).

There’s no specific release date or pricing on this DLC yet, but here’s the trailer.

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