Stepstone and Son: TERA gets a new starting area

Stepstone and Son: TERA gets a new starting area

The stars have aligned to grant TERA an update today, which includes the new starting area Stepstone Island. Apparently, “this idyllic haven is besieged by the argons”, which sounds like the sort of thing an MMO hero should be sorting out.

As well as Stepstone Island, the latest update includes a “comprehensive overhaul of the character creation system” adding short descriptions and videos to provide a better overview of a given class. Here are the highlights of the latest TERA patch.

– New start area: Stepstone Isle.
– Battleground tips for new players.
– Information for returning players.
– Improved character creation system.
– New character selection screen.
– Expanded character names.
– Updated chat channels.

The game got cat mounts last week too. This is old news, but I’m putting the video here anyway, because cats.

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