Still There available now on sale

If you’re in the mood for a great adventure game and don’t mind a bit of humor on the side, then Iceberg Interactive has just the title for you. The company reminded us that GhostShark’s Still There is now available on Steam, on sale for a limited time for just $13.49. (That’s a 10 percent savings from its usual $14.99 price.)

What is Still There all about?

In Still There, players pay a visit to the Bento space station. As they take control of a hapless inhabitant named Karl, they’ll discover a slew of puzzles to solve. In addition, they’ll need to manage aspects of the space station and deal with situations revolving around grief and guilt (in a fun way, obviously). They’ll also need to deal with a temperamental AI and making the perfect cup of Italian coffee. Anyone can tell you — it’s not easy.

Davide Barbieri, project lead for GhostShark, explains that the title is “more than a simple game to us,” with a “profound impact” on them. The game acts as an “important test of our own feelings,” with the “compromises and struggles” it includes. But he believes it’ll make an impact, and he hopes it’ll do so for players as well.

It’s all about the game’s eccentric aspects coming together to make a unique whole. Along with dealing with the changing narrative (and its humor), the puzzles and management go a long way toward creating a unique experience as well. As for that AI, Gorky, it’s a bit of a smart alec, so get ready for a few not-so-friendly disagreements.

The trailer above should give you a fairly good idea of how manic Still There gets. Again, it’s all in fun, though there’s hardly any game on the market quite like it. Check out the Steam page, and prep those coffee-making skills of yours.

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