Cryptic Studios has published ‘Ships of the Line’, which now lists all the federation ships that will feature in its upcoming MMO, Star Trek Online.The lengthy list (seen below) includes the ships we know and love from the films and series, along with a whole host of others. At present, there are a mere two Klingon ships mentioned, the Raptor and Vo’Quv while three “Other Ships” are also linked.Bearing in mind that players can chose to play as either Federation or Klingon, it’s likely that we’ll see a slew of Klingon ships revealed over the coming weeks.Here are the Federation ships players will be able to choose from:Federation Player Ships
    Light Cruisers    * Miranda
        * Centaur
        * SoyuzLieutenant CommanderScience (Science Vessel)    * Nova
        * Aurora
        * QuasarEscort (Escort)    * Saber
        * Rapier
        * UshaanCruiser (Cruiser)    * Constitution
        * Excalibur
        * VesperCommanderScience
    (Research Science Vessel)    * Olympic
        * Hope
        * HorizonEscort (Heavy Escort)    * Akira
        * Zephyr
        * Norway (Oslo re-fit)Cruiser (Heavy Cruiser)    * Constellation
        * Stargazer
        * DakotaCaptainScience
    (Long Range Science Vessel)    * Intrepid
        * Cochrane
        * DiscoveryEscort (Tactical Escort)    * Defiant
        * Vigilant
        * GallantCruiser (Exploration Cruiser)    * Galaxy
        * Celestial
        * EnvoyAdmiralScience
    (Deep Space Science Vessel)    * Luna
        * Sol
        * PolarisEscort (Fleet Escort)    * Prometheus
        * Phoenix
        * CerberusCruiser (Battle Cruiser)    * Sovereign
        * Noble
        * Majestic

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