Stranger of Paradise first DLC

The first DLC for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin was unveiled earlier today. Well, at first it was a bizarre rick roll, but we did get an actual trailer afterward. Players that loved the combat of the base game might find a lot to like here. Trials of the Dragon King will feature new jobs, weapons, and accessories, in addition to new areas to explore and a new storyline to play through. We also got a good look at the return of a classic character from the original Final Fantasy.

Trials of the Dragon king marks the first of three DLCs planned for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin‘s season pass. Fans of the series can probably guess what dragon the title refers to. The DLC will see Jack face off against none other than Bahumut and, presumably, a series of trials set by the dragon king.


Bahumut is an awesome foe to take on, and the new jobs and weapons should help out a fair bit. However, longtime Final Fantasy fans likely noticed a familiar face make a return. The Warrior of Light is back and ready to fight. The trailer doesn’t show off too much of the battle, but it certainly looks intense. It’s also fun to see the Warrior of Light return to the franchise in the Stranger of Paradise DLC. He is the original Final Fantasy protagonist after all.

Stranger of Paradise first DLC

Take on Bahumut and the Warrior of Light

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin wasn’t a perfect game, but it was a fun spin on the long-running franchise. It also brought plenty of depth to the original game’s storyline, with a healthy heaping of chaos along the way. And Trials of the Dragon King looks to be a strong start to Stranger of Paradise‘s DLC lineup. Players can also look forward to the Wanderer of the Rift and Different Future DLCs sometime in the future. In other JRPG news, be sure to check out the latest information for Star Ocean: The Divine Force.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin‘s Trials of the Dragon King DLC launches on July 20.

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