Strassman Did Voice StarCraft II’s Kerrigan

StarCraft II’s Kerrigan (Queen of Blades) has a new voice, and Karen Strassman has confirmed she recorded for the role.

Strassman said she “underwent a pretty intense audition process for Kerrigan,” and had “two different callbacks.” In the last callback, it was between Strassman and another candidate, with Strassman being chosen in a session held by five high-ranking members of the development team. She “then had a day or so of recording, and voila.”

A week ago we reported rumours about Strassman taking over the job as Kerrigan from Glynnis Talken. We spoke to Strassman, who later said she did voice Kerrigan, but the recording was done “one-two years ago.” The community manager for StarCraft, Kevin Yu, also chimed in, saying “this is one that you’ll want to wait for an official announcement from us.”  However, he didn’t confirm or deny the rumour, emphasising only that Blizzard “want to make sure the fans get the most epic StarCraft II experience.”

Since Kerrigan won’t have much screen time in StarCraft: Wings of Liberty, “a day or so” could very well be all the recording the developer needed, and that timeframe is definitely more than it would need for one trailer. We now know Strassman went through the audition process and was hired, but the question remains whether Blizzard has done new recordings since.

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