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Whenever a new single-player game comes out, there’s likely some kind of multiplayer mod in development. This is the case for Stray, the cyberpunk, feline adventure about a cat left all alone in a strange city. Well, you won’t be alone anymore thanks to a split-screen mod for Stray that’s available now.

Even though this is a very cool mod, it’s worth noting that it’s still in very early development. The creator of the mod, KangieDanie emphasizes this in the description on the Nexus Mods page. If you intend to try it out, bear in mind that it’ll be very rough around the edges. And considering how Stray was never intended to be played this way, it’s hard to say how much refining can really be done on a split-screen mod.


Explore the city with a friend

The split-screen mod for Stray is exactly what you think it is. With it, you can play the game with a friend and explore it together. There’s technically no limit to how many players can join together in one session. However, since this is an early mod, it’s probably best to stick to two or three players at most. There’s also the fact that only player 1 can see the HUD, which might make some things awkward.

Stray Split Screen Mod Nexus Mods

Besides that, the mod has a few other limitations separate from the things already mentioned. You can expect to see plenty of visual bugs and glitches. And as usual with mods as unstable as this, you can expect the game to crash more than a few times. Then there are the more unusual glitches, like some players spawning beneath the map.

Even if the split-screen mod for Stray is full of bugs, it’s still very cool. At the end of the day, it’s awesome to be able to explore the game with a friend. It’s an extremely buggy mod at the moment, but hopefully time will make it a little more stable. After all, who wouldn’t want to explore a futuristic city as a bunch of cats?

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