[UPDATE] HELP NEEDED: Twitch streamer missing after E3 party


[UPDATE: At this time, TheLauralania has been found. According to her own tweets, she was out playing poker with friends. She mentioned numerous times that she simply wanted some time “offline” away from social media. She also mentioned that her “phones” were also dead, one reason why she wasn’t able to respond to calls or the optional panel at E3.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) isn’t just about the video games. On any given night there is a number of different parties and mixers to attend. At face value, these events are intended to provide the platform to network and meet fellow people of the industry. Many, including myself, attend these events without much of a care in the world. However, it’s pretty scary to think that something other than having a good time would happen at one of these parties.

A streamer by the name “Laura Lania” has been reported missing since a Twitch Mixer held Wednesday, June 13th. Her last tweet was a Simpon’s meme that came after the following tweet:

User and friend @ashleeeeean  been communicating and placing alerts on Twitter, notifying everyone of Lauralania’s disappearance. At this point, it seems as thought the authorities have been notified and many in the community are on high alert. These were the two that prompted me to write this:

Lauralania was last seen at the Twitch Mixer during E3 2017. If you have any information, please notify the authorities.  This is the contact form for the Los Angeles, Calif. Police Department.

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