In what appears to have been an inadvertent leak, Street Fighter 5 has been revealed.

We knew that Capcom was always planning to make it, but the company, especially Street Fighter head Ono, has been quiet about it. Even the most ardent fighting game fans thought that the game might not have been in development yet.


The teaser trailer was pulled in short order, but we know at least this much:

The game will have Ryu and Chun-Li.
The game retains some of Street Fighter IV’s anime look, but less blocky and more detailed.
The game retains the impressive visual particle effects for its specials and supers.

It does seem like this was an announcement meant for The Game Awards or PlayStation Experience events later today. In any case, the game has been confirmed exclusive for PlayStation 4 and PC. Of course, that may only be timed exclusivity as well.  Check out the trailer below from Daily Motion.

Street Fighter 5 – Teaser by VersusFightingTV[/video_embed]


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