Street Fighter 6 trailer showcases Zangief, Cammy, and Lily

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Fighting game enthusiasts everywhere can rejoice over the newly released trailer for Street Fighter 6, which Capcom dropped today. Showcasing brutal speed, devastating combos, and beautiful new renditions of fighters and sets, this short three-and-a-half-minute video will whet the appetite of any Street Fighter enthusiast. The Street Fighter 6 trailer re-introduces Zangief and Cammy, along with the new character, Lily.

The body-slamming, pile-driving, human bulldozer returns with a bang. Zangief lives up to his usual seven feet of devastation with huge slams and stomps. His scars and barrel chest are rendered beautifully in the unique art style of the newest Street Fighter engine.

Zangief is a favorite for players who like to deal damage close up. He also has a fantastic full-screen defense, blocking blows from all directions with arms the size of tree trunks. The latest iteration of Zangief coming to Street Fighter 6 looks just as formidable as always.

Zangief, Cammy, and Lily throw down in the new Street Fighter 6 trailer

Lightning-fast feet, breakneck combos, and a red beret are all the trademarks of Street Fighter’s Cammy. Of course, we see her nimble kicks and almost unblockable barrage making a comeback, but the beret is notably absent. Her trademark green outfit and red beret have been replaced by a notably uncovered head and solid-looking union jack jacket.

Playing Cammy is a game of speed and memory. As you remember her button combos and implement the dexterity to execute them she is a force to be reckoned with.

Enter Lily, new to the Street Fighter arena. Judging by the gameplay footage, small and mighty seems to be the case for her. As revealed, she fights with two paddles and looks to be delivering earth-shattering combos wrapped up in flips that will leave any opponent’s head spinning faster than her weapons.

How will she play? We can only wait to find out with the release of Street Fighter 6 on June 2.

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