Street Fighter V Definitive Update reveal

Capcom has just announced the “Definitive Update” for Street Fighter V. The free (and possibly final) update will release on March 29, and it contains some significant changes to game balance. Included in the update are new pixel and cel-shading filters, among other interesting additions.

The cel-shaded filter is reminiscent of the art style used in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, while the pixel filter opts for a more retro feel. These new filters should provide some appreciated fresh looks, however, they will only be accessible in offline modes.


Capcom is also giving players more customization options. Characters will be able to don new tracksuits with eight color variations. Finally, Cap-Jam remixes will add new takes on the Season 5 characters’ theme songs. This means that “Rose’s Theme,” and “Akira’s theme” will have new remixes to enjoy, just to name a few.

Street Fighter fans have a lot to look forward to

No new characters are being released in the Street Fighter V Definitive Update, but this doesn’t come as a huge blow considering the number of changes on offer here. Each character on the roster will receive some exciting new combat options such as move cancels, new EX effects, and new target combos.

Fans of the game are already digging into the new gameplay possibilities. Specific character changes include Ryu being able to dash forward faster after a fireball while in V-Trigger mode. Additionally, certain characters will now have EX variations of their existing moves. For example, Ibuki will be able to execute EX variant of her Kasumi Gake attack, a command dash and jump special maneuver, to hit opponents on her way up. 

Street Fighter V was initially released just over six years ago. Capcom has supported the game with various updates in the many years since. Hopefully, Capcom can detail plans to support Street Fighter 6 in a similar way when we find out more about it this summer.

Street Fighter V Update

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