Street Fighter V spring update

Last month, Capcom hosted a winter update stream going over Dan and Rose, while teasing the next character, Oro, from Street Fighter III. Yesterday on the official Street Fighter Twitter page, the company revealed a Street Fighter V spring update stream. Next week on April 6 at 6 PM ET, Shuhei Matsumoto (producer) and Takayuki Nakayama (director) will join some special guests to discuss Rose, Oro, and more updates coming to season five. We already know that another new game mechanic is coming at the end of the year, so we could see the first signs of what that might be.

After Oro, the next character for season five is Akira from the Rival Schools franchise. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a first look at her like we did at the end of the winter update with Oro. The fifth and final character for season five is still a mystery, and speculation has been running rampant. Guesses have ranged from Demitri from Darkstalkers to Kyo from The King of Fighters. It might be a little too early to hear about that fifth character, though. The fact Capcom has kept it under wraps for so long is probably a sign that it’s saving whoever it is for a big reveal.


Capcom is keeping its cards close to its chest

Despite having a very rough launch, Street Fighter V has grown over the years to become one of the most well-regarded fighting games. In the four years since its debut, Capcom provided two updated versions, and now five seasons of post-launch DLC content. But most suspected that season four would be the end for the game. Especially considering that Seth was the final fighter to be included, bringing every boss character from the series into the game. However, rumors have circulated that development of the next Street Fighter title has been rocky, so season five was announced last year to give the development team some extra time.

With longtime series lead Yoshinori Ono leaving Capcom, producing and directing duties for Street Fighter V were given to Matsumoto and Nakayama, respectively. So far, season five has been extremely popular and well received by fans and pro players alike. Dan is a lot of fun, and the best he’s been in a mainline Street Fighter game. Eleven has been an enjoyable addition as well. V-Shift, the new game mechanic, has also been a welcome addition to the game, shaking up the meta. The most recent balance update has made fan-favorite characters like Ryu finally viable again for the first time since season one.

You can catch the Street Fighter V spring update stream on the Capcom Fighter’s official Twitch page next week.

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