Strength of the SWORD: ULTIMATE’s Kickstarter isn’t even over yet, but they have already picked up a publisher: Team17.

Ivent Games artist and director Lyubomir Iliev had this to say about getting picked up:

Wow, have we got crazy lucky! We were recently approached by Team17, who seemed quite excited about what they had heard and seen, and offered to help in any way they can. Obviously, after Lyubo had finished geeking out over the fact that the makers of Worms liked what we were doing, he composed himself and replied “Me, Ivent. You, Team17… Marketing scary! You help!”

And so… we are extremely excited to announce that we are partnering up with the awesome guys and girls at Team17 in an epic effort to bring “Strength of the SWORD: ULTIMATE” to everybody we possibly can! Woohooo!

Team17’s Managing Director Debbie Bestwick also had this to say:

Recently someone told me if Carlsberg could create a Publisher it would be Team17’s Indie Label. If Carlsberg could create games creators Ivent would be on that list. We are very proud to welcome them into our family of Indie studios from around the world. So far we have announced around a dozen partners all with the same vision and focus to become sustainable studios with successful self-owned IP. Together we are building something the games Industry has needed for decades. A Label that puts the creators first and helps them build long term.

Strength of the SWORD: ULTIMATE is a 3D fighter/brawler hybrid with an emphasis on tactics. You can still fund the game for one week on Kickstarter and net yourself some rewards here.

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