Stronghold Kingdoms leaves beta next week

Firefly Studios popular free to play MMO Stronghold Kingdoms has “gone gold” following a flurry of updates.

The final release follows updates to quests, the new Coat of Arms Designer and graphical updates and the game will be released with all-new sound effects. Firefly’s Nick Tannahill added: 

“In the current free to play climate it’s not uncommon for games to stay in beta for more than a year before seeing release. In the case of Kingdoms we wanted to wait until the game felt complete before leaving beta and with the new sound effects we feel we’ve achieved that. This is really a celebration of all the tweaking, balancing and feature building the team has been doing over the past year and a half. We feel it’s a milestone worthy of a full release.”

The game’s release date has been set for Wednesday 17 October when it comes out of open Beta.

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