Creators of Driver, Reflections, have been busy working away on a new title for the PS2 called Stuntman which due next year. To keep everyone up to date they have released this short Q&A on the game’s progress.
What’s the status?

We are now at the stage that we are able to start adding in the stunts, start playing them and refining them. Most of the artwork is complete, but we are currently modelling and incorporating the level of detailed models for the locations. This will allow us to look at whole levels at once rather than just fragments. The effects such as smoke, explosions and skid marks are due to be implemented soon. The car handling is being finalised, but there is still a lot of work to do here. Pedestrians will also be implemented very shortly

What’s new in the code since the WIP event in Newcastle?

We now have other cars in the game using AI, and the mission system is working, but we still do not have the scoring boxes working properly along with instructions. This means that how the player actually performs the stunt is not yet intuitive. Environment mapping is now implemented, and pedestrians will be incorporated within the next couple of weeks. The actual code for pedestrians is complete, it just needs plugging into the game.

Are the physics on the cars all different now?

Yes, though still not finalised per car. New features are the pressure sensitive steering and acceleration.

How many people are now working in the team?

Total number now is 35 – 40 depending how you measure "working on the team". We have people writing code for all projects, and we have artists that do occasional work on the project as well. Full time we have 9 programmers, 18 artists and 9 animators / cut scene renderers

Are all the modes/features implemented?

No. The bones of the career mode stunts are going in now, and the stunt arena is progressing well. We have more editable features in the Arena, and have the ability to save set ups and reload them. We will be moving onto the pre-set stunts in the arena shortly.

How many cars in total will be available?

Around 60 – 70. The designated player vehicles, (around 17) are of higher detail than the AI vehicles, but the player will be able to drive all of them at some stage in the game.

Are all the vehicles modelled and textured?

95% are modelled and textured, but most do not yet have their damage and level of detail counterparts completed. We still have some further modifications of some of the vehicles to avoid legal issues with the car manufacturers they are they based on.

Are all the locations /cities finished and are playable?
80% of High detail is complete, about 40% of low detail. We have completed very basic mock ups of each level to allow us to gameplay test each stunt in parallel with the completion of the cities. This gives us the maximum amount of time possible on refining gameplay.

Are the trailers finalised now?

90% of the FMV is complete.

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Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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