September 5th, 2017

Styx: Master of Shadows’ launch trailer sneaks out

Styx: Master of Shadows’ launch trailer sneaks out


Is it just me, or does the voice-over in this Styx: Master of Shadows launch trailer sound like somebody doing a Stephen Russell-as-Garrett impression? That’s not a complaint, incidentally.

Either way, Styx: Master of Shadows is out on 7 October (tomorrow), and as such there’s a launch trailer. It’s not a bad one either, offering a pretty good glimpse at the sort of stealthy shenanigans Styx will be getting up to in the game, and the voice-over work actually seems pretty solid.

Nonetheless, I’m a little bit wary of Styx: Master of Shadows because it’s being developed by Cyanide Studio, and pretty much every game of theirs I’ve played can be summed up with “it’s a nice idea and it’s not bad, but…” As far as I’m aware, Peter Parrish is currently sneaking his way through the review code, so we should have a review for you very soon.

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  • Comments:
    • Peter Parrish

      That voice-over is pretty Garrett-ey. The weird thing is, even though it’s the same actor doing the Styx voice in the game, he doesn’t perform it this way. He’s doing more a ’50s gangster wiseguy’ thing.

      • lazerbeak

        maybe because thats how goblins talk in wow?

    • USMC03Vet

      Cyanide Studio…

      No wonder that looks like a Warhammer Gretchin. Might have to check this out.