Subnautica, an interesting new diving sim from Natural Selection 2 devs Unknown Worlds, is coming up on Steam, on what they call Earlier Access.

What does Earlier Access mean? Basically, the game is not ready even for Early Access. They are looking for community feedback, but there isn’t enough in there to justify selling as an Early Access product.

So, the game is not actually up for sale yet, although the store page is already live. You can win it via Steam’s Holiday Auction, or buy the Special Edition off their official site via Humble Store for a relatively steep $ 35. This Special Edition is kind of a pass into being a beta tester for the game, giving the player access to all the builds alongside the final release.

The final product will be an open world exploration experience, but for now, you can expect to be able to craft submarines to explore open seas of a limited depth and breadth.

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