Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Co Op Gameplay Trailer Featured
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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League gets a new gameplay trailer showcasing co-op play

Squad up.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was put under the big spotlight during Sony’s State of Play. The online game starring DC’s worst bunch of killers and crooks took a bit of shade not long ago. A possible leaked image suggested it would have live-service elements, while it was stated you needed to be fully online to play the game. We do have an answer to one of those today. But right now, developer Rocksteady Studios prefers to dazzle hopeful players with a new co-op gameplay trailer for Suicide Squad, which dropped today.

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The trailer is a lengthy one, coming in at around six minutes. It involves plenty of bad-versus-good brawls, and is clearly far more energetic than what we presumed. The trailer moves from character to character, showcasing characters like Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang zipping around the game world. Guns are shot, faces are kicked, and we also get a good look at finishers. Even King Shark seems way more mobile than anticipated as he “swims” through the air.

Suicide Squad co-op trailer shows some actual gameplay, finally

The gang groups up to take on dozens and dozens of enemies and larger threats, like tanks and beefed-up baddies. Whether or not this kind of gameplay from the Batman Arkham makers is up your alley or not will probably depend on how much you enjoy the cacophonous display in the trailer. It certainly has the markings of a big, live-service game, with lots of shooting and quips from our cast. Check out the Suicide Squad co-op gameplay trailer above and decide for yourself.

You’ll be able to play the game on  your own or in a squad of four, but everyone will need an internet connection. According to the FAQ page for the game, co-op mode “will only be available online with an internet connection. The game will not support local co-op.”

That might not be the news fans of local gaming will care to hear. But if you are planning to join buddies online, the good news is that Suicide Squad will support full cross-platform co-op across PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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